A downloadable Leviathan's Bane

Leviathan's Bane

After a thousand years, the Seal originally created by the twelve kings is breaking. With the kingdoms in disarray and shadows lurking around every corner, it is up to the hero to become the legend and stop the minions of Leviathan from freeing their master.

In this prototype you play as a powerful Warlock and begin your adventure at the local Guild. After accepting your quest you head out into the world to rid the land of evil while exploring an open world of potential missions and side quests. Battle the ferocious rat soldier along the way using your strengths, skills and abilities then go forth into the darkness to fight the Rat King and free the towns folk of the torment that plagues the land.

A fantasy RPG adventure card game featuring

  • An Interactive Guild Level with Quest Options
  • Side Scrolling Gameplay Through Open Levels
  • Card-Based Enemy Battles with Turn-Based Combat
  • Multi Page Menu Systems and Pause Menu
  • Music and Sound FX

Created and Developed by

Mathew Borg
Jesse Richards
David Clark

Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. To play Leviathan's Bane players will need to download the game and double click on the exe file.

Published 29 days ago
GenreAdventure, Role Playing


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