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You wake up during a storm, there's no power. But you don't wake up in your bed where you went to sleep. You must go back to bed. 

Up to date version of game will be available from developer at


Published 13 days ago


Back To Bed.exe 485 MB


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What are the minimum requirements?

Does the author let us experience the feeling of going to bed?

Great atmosphere in this game struggled to finish it I couldn't figure out what to do int he 2nd part of the game but everything else I really liked.

I got to say its a great game and creepy but towards the end it crash 😂 100/100

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Whoa! That looks awesome! Nice spookiness!


Thanks devy! 

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Nice Game And graphics is great , just problem crash 4 x for next scene ;)  

Thanks for continuing forward after the crashes. I'm glad you liked it :) 

Fantastic game, I really enjoyed it. There was so much tension, and none of those cheap jumpscares that so many game sutalize. Loved it! :)


Loved seeing the moments where you jump!

Thanks for putting up with the crash, I know those can be painful.

rmake version rar^?

Developer here.

I have a .zip version on my page https://iloveyourface.itch.io/back-to-bed